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 As an engineering company, we specialised in the following services to oil & gas industries in Nigeria

Instrumentation and Control

RIROSA understands that instrumentation is critical for ensuring stable, accurate and reliable control of process systems.

Smart instruments integrated into the plant control systems provide management with timely and accurate data for improved decision making.

Therefore, RIROSA offers the following instrumentation services to maximize the potential of technology through:
Instrument specification and procurement .

Installation of systems including hazardous area control systems, SCADA systems, DCS and PLC systems, fire and gas systems and process indicators, transmitters and controllers 


RIROSA INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has successfully created niche in the rotating equipment maintenance and is disposed to offering pragmatic services that facilitate the end users production process. Hence, our specialisation in rotating equipment includes;

*    Vibration Test Analysis
*    Dynamic Balancing
*    Rewinding of Electric Motors
*    Fan repairs
*    Pump Repairs
*    On Site Repair
*    Geared Motor Repair
*    Rewinding and Servicing of Transformers

Electrical Engineering Services

RIROSA INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has become a premier service within the Electrical Field. Meeting the quality needs and satisfaction of our customer, RIROSA will always strive to provide no less than customer expectation. RIROSA provides a complete line of electrical and instrumentation services
which can be customized to suit your specific requirements;

RIROSA offers comprehensive industrial electrical services which include:
Installation of power and lighting systems, switchboards, high voltage cabling networks and motor control centres. Installation of project infrastructure systems including cabling, junction boxes, cable ladders, conduit and pipe systems. 

Procurement of devices and materials for service application and distribution
Onshore Pipeline And Storage Facility Maintenance


Rirosa Integrated services Limited is consistently determined to make a difference and sustain the operational activities of the oil and gas industries by incorporating onshore and pipeline and storage facility maintenance. Therefore, our onshore pipeline and storage facility maintenance involve the following activities.

*    Pipeline Pigging and inspection
*    Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
*    Corrosion Prevention & Control Services(Cathodic            Protection & Coating)


Our Mechanical Engineering Services covers the following areas; Machining & Fabrication

We pride itself as a machining specialist.
For years now, RIROSA INTEGRATED SERVICES LIMITED has earned the reputation of providing our customers with consummate quality machining projects completed on schedule and under budget.

Our machine shop is comprehensively equipped and regularly upgraded.
In-house capabilities include dynamic balancing, shaft renewals and repairs, metal spraying, welding, machining, and dynamic balancing, Vibration Test Analysis.

Many products returned for repair require new parts that are no longer readily available
Our mechanical repair capability ensures that parts can be reverse engineered and produced, by our skilled and versatile workforce, in the minimum time.


Successful project management is one of our core competencies. It sets RIROSA apart. It takes years of practical experience, know-how and dedication to safely deliver the toughest and most complex of onshore/offshore projects on schedule, on budget, to agreed standard, time after time.

Our project managers put together multi-disciplinary, integrated project teams able to safely manage and deliver the demands of each undertaking. These teams have industry leading logistical support, supply chain management and the assets needed to safely execute each project.

Through our project management expertise, we add value to every phase of the project Lifecycle-from planning and design through fabrication, construction and installation to commissioning, operation and decommissioning.


Procurement activities are involved in all facet of our business and projects, hence company and management place high premium on procurement activities. Our procurement activities includes the complete procurement cycle from receipt of the requisition up to delivery.

This cycle includes enquiry, bid evaluation, issue of purchase order, organization of kick-off meeting, expediting, inspection, shipping and traffic management for equipment including but not limited to Package, Machinery, Bulk material for Civil, Electrical, Instrumentation and Piping etc


RIROSA has delivered well-trained maintenance and troubleshooting talent, distinguished by the support, proven practices and tools we provide them.

Our teams become better and more productive assets that drive client satisfaction and eliminate waste. RIROSA maintenance and troubleshooting services offers an essential solution for maintaining smaller sites across a wide geographic area.

Our technical experts know how to help you design a complete maintenance program that will increase efficiency and create cost savings through dedicated maintenance technicians.



1.      Jack-Up Barges (Lift boats).
2.      Marine Drilling Rigs.
3.      Supply Vessels.
4.      Marine Accommodation Modules,(Flotels and Crane         Barges);
5.      Procurement Services.
6.      Offshore Construction (Pipelines, platforms etc).
7.      Offshore Engineering.  



1.      Equipment Rentals.
2.      Gangway construction/Rentals.
3.      Man Power Supply.
4.      Waste Management.
5.      Haulage of Crude and refined petroleum products.   


No. 19/20 Grandeur Street, Rumuekini, Off Aluu Road, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


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Tel: +234 8069 385 556